Rantings of a N3RD

So I've decided to redo my entire tumblr. For the sake of having a nice new layout and new content for people to see and share.

A lot of things will definitely be:
Strong sexual content
Lots of Anime
Lots of Games
Lots of funny posts of random stuff
Lots of more sexual content
Kittens and shit.

Enjoy! :D

My pride

My pride hurts more than my face. 
My heart is on fire compared to my thoughts.
I have spoken to The Creator and he has said that I need to learn to accept the word “No”.
I am upset, still at this moment, but I did get what I deserved. 
Sometimes it be like that, but what can I do?

Plot on the guy? I could, but would I be winning?
I think it’s best I leave the situation alone. 

When I was younger, my mother and father didn’t have the best of relationship, they were not the best of friends, they argued frequently, but they stuck it out together.

A Libra and a Virgo.
I guess I wanted to have a relationship that I could say was better than the people who raised me, in the same way that they raised me, but I guess there’s no Virgo for me on this side. I’m not mad at it. I guess I could have said that I was chasing a dream, or an idea that was in the back of my mind, but in the end, there’s nothing wrong with taking a loss.

Sometimes, these situations build character. I’m glad this happened, cause in the end, my pride being flattened has made me humble.

There’s a life I was SUPPOSED to be living. A life my parents said I could have. One where I go out there and get what I want, not wait for something to be handed to me. There’s no grand check with my name on it. There’s no silver spoon in my mouth. My parents raised me to be a Narcissist. They raised me to believe that if I want something in this world, don’t stop until I get it because in the end, I deserve only the best. I do much believe that I am the man. I do much believe I have excelsior ability, especially in things that I am good at. I was living however, trying to sway the minds of humans. That is where one crashes. 

I’d be Vaan from Final Fantasy XII, that dusty, dirty, but still happy street dweller who made a name for himself. He claimed he wanted to be a sky pirate, and see the skies of Ivalice. He let nothing get in his way, even if in the end, he wasn’t even important at all. He was just a shadow, but in that same instance, he found himself. 

And now, that Video Game nostalgia passes through me again. All of the heroes that didn’t exist swirl into my mind.

Squall got his face sliced open, and I know his pride hurt more than his face. 
Cloud definitely couldn’t muster his pride when he watched Aerith die.
Terra couldn’t bear it when she realized that she was the Magitek warrior who had taken the lives of countless with her own ability to use “Magic”…

These heroes in unrelated media have built my life. 
They have made me into someone who feels he needs to push to the max. 
My reality may be different, but just like her’s, my reality is definitely okay.
It’s okay to want my own success. It’s okay to want to fight for my own desires.
The world doesn’t owe me anything, I need to go out there and get it.

With these new lessons in life, it’s time to finally cut my bullshit.

If hate is loud, but love is indeed louder, then love it shall be.
But only for myself. I feel after trying to sell myself to everyone else, it’s all I deserve.


The 1000th Goodbye by 253421


God said that man would not ever know the end of the world, but what is the end of the world but the absence of life?




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Save Files

There once was a time, where I was at the end of the game. I was well leveled, and prepared for the final boss. 

It wasn’t till I corrupted my save data that I realized this game was longer and harder than I thought. I never deleted the save, no matter what.

I’m sorry if things didn’t go the way they were expected. I know the thief was so close to kidnapping the princess. 

You may not have seen the end of the game, but rest assured I know it was beautiful.

Maybe one day, you may try and load that game.


why are you doing this? please stop. if it’s money you want, name your price. just stop doing this to him. he doesn’t deserve this.


why are you doing this? please stop. if it’s money you want, name your price. just stop doing this to him. he doesn’t deserve this.

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